Mesa 6.3.1 merge

Adam Jackson ajax at
Wed Aug 24 13:57:42 PDT 2005

On Tuesday 23 August 2005 10:49, Brian Paul wrote:
> Whenever the 6.3.2 code is brought in, the following directories and
> files should be removed as they contain GPL code:
> src/glu/mesa/
> src/glut/
> src/glw/boilerplate.c
> src/mesa/drivers/allegro/
> src/mesa/drivers/directfb/
> src/mesa/drivers/ggi/
> src/mesa/drivers/svga/
> src/mesa/drivers/windows/

That's a significant change in policy, since GLU and glut have been part of 
the install set for X since Mesa was first imported into XFree86 (iirc).

I mean, I'm okay with removing them, I personally get them from Mesa anyway. 
But since it changes the install profile for the monolith relative to 6.8 we 
need some agreement among the release wranglers that that's what we want.

- ajax
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