[PATCH] Missing symbols in modular build of i810 driver

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Thu Aug 25 16:26:45 PDT 2005


Imake has this lovely feature where you can compile a C file multiple 
times with different options and include all the different object files 
in the driver.  This is used by the i810 driver to compile i810_io.c 
twice - once for the i810 driver and once for the i830 driver.  This 
clever design wasn't carried over in the autotool build system, but I've 
attached a patch to achieve the same effect, which makes the i830 work 
for me again (it would complain about missing symbols).

There's a number of ways to fix this in a cleaner way, but this is the 
least intrusive fix I could think of and it's pretty close to what the 
Imake build does.

Mind if I commit this?

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