Updated 6.9/7.0 schedule and release plan

Matthieu Herrb matthieu.herrb at laas.fr
Sat Aug 27 13:06:40 PDT 2005

Kevin E Martin wrote:
> Note that RC1 is intended to be a full release candidate, which means it
> is something that we would consider putting into production.  After RC1,
> we will only be working on bug fixes for both the monolithic and modular
> trees.  In order to reach that point, we need to complete the following:
>  - Modularization work complete
>  - EXA drivers to be supported in initial release complete
>  - Fix as many bugs as possible

The new malloc in OpenBSD has exposed 4 or 5 bugs in the existing code 
(they were found in 6.8.2, but all are still present in the cvs HEAD 
branch). They are mostly of 2 kinds: one byte read overflow at the end 
of a pixmap or a simirar structure and access to memory that was 
free()d. Even if other systems are not hurt as badly as OpenBSD 3.8 will 
by these bugs, it would be good to have fix for them.

These are bugzilla #3822, 4168, 4243 and 4247, plus one that was found 
more recenty by Mark Kettenis but that he did not yet enter into bugzilla.

>  - Supported platforms building and running
>  - Test infrastructure in place
>  - Tinderboxes running on supported platforms
> We will update this list and break it down in detail on the release plan
> page as needed.
> In order to determine which platforms will be supported in the initial
> modular release, we would like to hear from everyone who is in the
> process of adding support for their platform and/or plans to have their
> platform building and running before RC1 is created (i.e., in the next
> few weeks).  Currently, we know of:
>  - Linux (x86, amd64, ia64, ppc, sparc)
>  - Solaris (x86, amd64, sparc)
> Please add your name and OS/arch to the list above if you will have your
> platform supported in RC1.

I'm working on getting OpenBSD (x86 and amd64 for now, sparc64 and alpha 
if time permits) working. Unfortunatly the current schedule interferes 
with other issues I've to deal with and I can't make promises that the 
modulararized tree will support those in time. I prefer to focus on the 
monolithic tree, which is easier to me, especially wrt existing bugs.
Matthieu Herrb

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