An opportunity to help?

Dave Airlie airlied at
Mon Aug 29 16:39:33 PDT 2005

> Is the Xorg team looking for additional developers? I'd like to help if I
> can. But if most projects at Xorg have the help they need I'll check out
> some other projects. 

Its a lot more likely that the upcoming modularisation release is
taking all the time anyone has to spare at the moment,

There has been talk of getting a mentoring program going at some
stage, but I'm not aware of how this is coming along,

There a number of areas where needs help, but I'm not sure where
the best place to start a new person would be, the modularisation
project is probably a good place, trying to find components that may
have been missed from monolith to modular and writing up the
automakery for them... also in the archives you'll see suggestions
from developers saying this might be suitable for newbies...


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