Input device design (3)

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We're exactly on the same page.  I'm going to be putting together a more
detailed written proposal and also a proof of concept prototype.


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>BTW, just to be clear, I (at least) wasn't thinking of having the
>actual i/o events go through this os-dependant, external server,
>but rather just the initial discovery and hotplugging of i/o devices.
>I was expecting the external server to notify the X server of the
>locations of the devices.  Ie, on Linux it could tell the X server
>that /dev/input/event5 just appeared, is a pointer, and should join
>the set of core pointers.  Or that eg /dev/input/event2 went away
>and should be close(2)ed.  Et cetera.
>Routing the actual input events through such an external server seems
>like too much overhead and latency, though I could easily be wrong;
>perhaps that is after all the best option for input devices, if not
>for output devices (screens, speakers, readers, braille, etc).
>Someone should test it out and see how well -- or not -- it works in
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