Input device design

Brian Paul brian.paul at
Wed Aug 31 13:01:06 PDT 2005

I really don't know much about input devices and the issues for the X 
server, but one thing is on my mind.  Would it be possible to create 
an "input device library" that could be used both by the X server and 
  other programs which don't use X?

Consider that when we get the extended EGL stuff working, we'll have 
an OpenGL environment that can be used independently of the X server. 
    It would be nice to have a complementary input library.

The upsides for such a library are obvious: reusability, modularity, 
portability, versatility, etc.

The downside is it could be over-engineered to the point where it's a 
big, over-generalized, ambiguous pile of mush.

Is something like this feasible?

Looking at the big picture, an X server layered on EGL/OpenGL and such 
an input library might not contain any device-specific code at all.


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