State of Linux graphics

Scott J. Harmon harmon at
Thu Sep 1 10:24:40 PDT 2005

Jon Smirl wrote:
> EXA is going to happen, too much is already invested in it. My fear is
> that the "good returns for relatively little effort" argument will be
> repeated over and over resulting in various other parts of the 3D
> hardware being exposed in the X server.

And then EXA and OpenGL will combine to form OpenEXAGL.  I've often
found that an incremental approach to a problem is better than a
'do-everything-at-once'/'save-the-world' approach.  Of course you tend
to build up cruft by going slowly, but then again, by forcing a design
prematurely you also tend to design in some cruft. :)


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telescopes." - Edsger Dijkstra

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