Xv, radeon-exa-16.diff and some observations

Diego Calleja diegocglinux at yahoo.es
Mon Sep 12 10:42:56 PDT 2005

El Mon, 12 Sep 2005 09:38:14 -0700,
Eric Anholt <eta at lclark.edu> escribió:

> If this is a new experience, could you cvs update the driver to before
> EXA was committed (-D20050910 would be just fine) and make sure it's not
> happening with the previous code?

I just tried and it happens too. I have been using (debian's) xfree86 until
now :/ Tried without the DRI module loaded and it happens too,
"RenderAccel" is set to false, no other options specified.

Apparently I can trigger it quite reliabily: start KDE, and as soon as I try to 
get a contextual menu clicking with the left button in a void area in the
desktop the thing hangs.

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