Security update carried along a broken i810 driver for Intel 830 and up

Jim Cornette jim-cornette at
Mon Sep 19 17:10:20 PDT 2005

Since a lot more people are exposed to released versions than to test 
versions, a bug in the i810 driver has shown itself. The additional 
problem of preventing a security problem by not upgrading, since it will 
not work on Intel 830 and above exposes a lot of Linux user to the 

Since the cards from Intel 830 up are now experiencing a broken driver, 
where the Intel 815 seems to be working with the current state of the 
driver, a splitting of the driver into i810, i830 and i915 might be a 
wise move.
I have a Dell w/ an 865G which had problems until a change was made 
which temporarily broke the Intel 815 card that I own. I don't think 
maintaining a "one size fits all" Intel driver will be able to do all 
video cards justice.

Are there any plans to seperate the driver into at least three driver 
versions to allow these video cards to find a safe zone instead of 
changes for the 830 breaking the 815 and such?

Just an idea, since I have the low end and middle road Intel video cards .

Jim Cornette

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