Security update carried along a broken i810 driver for Intel 830 and up

Kristian Høgsberg krh at
Mon Sep 19 19:29:37 PDT 2005

Jim Cornette wrote:
> Are there any plans to seperate the driver into at least three driver 
> versions to allow these video cards to find a safe zone instead of 
> changes for the 830 breaking the 815 and such?
> Just an idea, since I have the low end and middle road Intel video cards .

The issue here isn't that the different Intel chipsets are supported 
using one unified driver.  The problem is that we shipped a Fedora 
update which contained a security fix and a number of other fixes.  One 
of these other fixes happened to introduce a regression on all Intel 
boards, but the problem was in the general linux pci code and would have 
affected all Intel chipsets even if the driver was split into three pieces.

A new update should be out soon, and in the meantime I've put up i386 
RPMs here:

for people to test.  See also:


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