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Francesco Biscani biscani at pd.astro.it
Tue Sep 20 13:12:11 PDT 2005


On Tuesday 20 September 2005 10:12, Michael Olbrich wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been playing with EXA for the last few days and got some
> interesting results.
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my experience with CVS has been pretty good, but I've noticed some glitches.

1) there are some artifacts every know and then on icons on the panel
2) when minimizing-maximizing windows sometimes garbage from previous draws 
remains (which is cleared by moving around a window)

but mostly

3) when using transparent windows there's a strange effect. Sometimes (usually 
after switching workspace) dragging around a translucent window is awfully 
slow.BUT, if the window is taken to the bottom of the screen (so that it 
almost goes out of the screen disappearing completely) and then dragged back 
to the center, things are smooth again. This happens particularly with 
konsole, and I suspect it depends upon the amount of characters present in 
the window. I don't know anything about X's internals, but could this be 
related somehow to the caching mechanism of the glyphs?

When disabling RenderAccel the drawing artifacts disappear, but translucent 
windows are much slower.

This happens on a laptop with a Radeon IGP 345, under KDE, using latest CVS 
(from yesterday) and xcompmgr 1.1.2. No fancy options in xorg.conf.

Anyway, I hope these info can be useful somehow.

Best regards,


Dr. Francesco Biscani
Dipartimento di Astronomia
Università di Padova
biscani at pd.astro.it

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