radeon and EXA

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Sep 20 16:35:55 PDT 2005

> 1) there are some artifacts every know and then on icons on the panel
> 2) when minimizing-maximizing windows sometimes garbage from previous draws 
> remains (which is cleared by moving around a window)

Seen that too, I tend to blame the compositor though. There are known
issues with the server-side one, not sure about the userland one, it
seems to have a problem with minimize/maximize when using drop shadows
at least.

> but mostly
> 3) when using transparent windows there's a strange effect. Sometimes (usually 
> after switching workspace) dragging around a translucent window is awfully 
> slow.BUT, if the window is taken to the bottom of the screen (so that it 
> almost goes out of the screen disappearing completely) and then dragged back 
> to the center, things are smooth again. This happens particularly with 
> konsole, and I suspect it depends upon the amount of characters present in 
> the window. I don't know anything about X's internals, but could this be 
> related somehow to the caching mechanism of the glyphs?

I get this weird slowdown too. I haven't investigated yet and I don't
really have a firm reprocase. It happens usually want to show somebody
how cool EXA is :) A given window suddenly becomes very sluggish to move
around. Sometimes, just switching workspaces and back, or focusing
another window and back or that sort of thing "fixes" it iirc.

> When disabling RenderAccel the drawing artifacts disappear, but translucent 
> windows are much slower.

Interesting (the drawing artifacts that is).


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