[Mesa3d-dev] Re: GLX indirect rendering broken

Roland Scheidegger rscheidegger_lists at hispeed.ch
Thu Sep 22 05:30:36 PDT 2005

Brian Paul wrote:
>> I was going to look into bug 4087 so I updated my CVS tree and did a 
>> fresh build.  Indirect rendering seems to be quite broken.  Almost 
>> everything I try running produces a protocol error:
>> $ ./gears
>> X Error of failed request:  BadLength (poly request too large or 
>> internal Xlib length error)
>>   Major opcode of failed request:  143 (GLX)
>>   Minor opcode of failed request:  1 (X_GLXRender)
>>   Serial number of failed request:  37
>>   Current serial number in output stream:  38
> Can anyone confirm this?  Anyone?
No, I don't get that (with the 32bit x86 Xorg at least). Some games 
(ut2k3 for instance) segfault when run with indirect rendering, but this 
is nothing new that never worked. The mesa demos seem to work for me, 
with the exception of that #4087 (it crashes the X server VERY fast, in 
about 1 out of 10 cases I don't even have to move the 3d window around, 
just starting a demo is enough to instantly segfault the server).


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