Radeon EXA experiences

Pierre Ossman drzeus-list at drzeus.cx
Sat Sep 24 07:11:54 PDT 2005

I installed the latest xorg from cvs to give the new exa framework a go.
These are the issues I found:

 * The initial 'X' cursor is instead a blue, semi-transparent square.

 * Only the first word of most texts is rendered.

 * Occasional rendering glitches around glyphs. A multicolored
horisontal line appears.

 * Mouse pointer disappears over GL windows.

 * Mouse only gets 1-bit alpha over Xv overlay.

If I start xcompmgr I also have the problem of GL overlay not being
clipped. But this appears on XAA aswell. XAA also gives rendering bugs
with GL and xcompmgr so on this point EXA is more well behaved.

Only the text rendering bug is a real show stopper. Is there some way to
disable just the glyph acceleration?

Btw, composite and shadows on windows have got a real now even without
EXA. I thought XAA couldn't accelerate those things?


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