xvidtune for s-video?

José Oliver Segura primijos at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 05:44:54 PST 2006

       Hi all,

       I'm still trying to tune the s-video tv output of my radeon
7500 to get better picture quality on my Trinitron 28'' TV, attached
to my laptop via s-video. I've not found anything to tune it directly,
and it seems to me that either vesa or radeon drivers in xorg just
apply modelines to the main screen (lcd in my case), but not to
tv-output (it doesn't matter what I do with modelines, my tvoutput
always looks the same).

       I've seen a tool for nvidia that allows to tweak refresh
frequencies, etc., I use atitvout to activate s-video output, but this
wonderful tool doesn't have such functionalities. Looking for some
other tools, I've seen that there exists a tool called xvidtune that
-at least from is user interface look- seems to provide some
mechanisms for dinamically tweak some low level values. Does anybody
know if it can also work directly on the tv-out (s-video) output of
the radeon cards? If not... does anybody know any tool like the one
for nvidia or the original ati drivers for windows (that allows the
user to move the screen/expand it, etc.)?


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