xvidtune for s-video?

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 06:30:10 PST 2006

On 12/4/06, José Oliver Segura <primijos at gmail.com> wrote:
>        Hi all,
>        I'm still trying to tune the s-video tv output of my radeon
> 7500 to get better picture quality on my Trinitron 28'' TV, attached
> to my laptop via s-video. I've not found anything to tune it directly,
> and it seems to me that either vesa or radeon drivers in xorg just
> apply modelines to the main screen (lcd in my case), but not to
> tv-output (it doesn't matter what I do with modelines, my tvoutput
> always looks the same).
>        I've seen a tool for nvidia that allows to tweak refresh
> frequencies, etc., I use atitvout to activate s-video output, but this
> wonderful tool doesn't have such functionalities. Looking for some
> other tools, I've seen that there exists a tool called xvidtune that
> -at least from is user interface look- seems to provide some
> mechanisms for dinamically tweak some low level values. Does anybody
> know if it can also work directly on the tv-out (s-video) output of
> the radeon cards? If not... does anybody know any tool like the one
> for nvidia or the original ati drivers for windows (that allows the
> user to move the screen/expand it, etc.)?

There is not yet support in the xorg radeon driver for tv-out, as such
you are stuck with whatever setup the bios provides.  If you want
better tv-out support, you'll have to wait till its supported in xorg,
or try fglrx.


>        Best,
>        Jose

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