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Thu Dec 7 12:17:56 PST 2006

On Thu, Dec 07, 2006 at 10:59:29AM +0100, Carlo Salinari wrote:
> Hi, I'm new on the list.

Welcome, brave newbie! :-) We can always use more help making

> As I understand there has been some discussion about migrating xorg 
> documentation to some new format.

I see two major remaining parts to this project, aside from the fine
work that David Nusinow and Eamon Walsh have been doing recently on
maintaining the existing SGML documentation.

Most discussion so far has been about converting various X-related
specification documents from a variety of formats, including troff,
LaTeX, Framemaker, Word, etc., to Docbook.;a=tree;hb=HEAD;f=specs

For protocol documentation, however, we'd like the xcb-proto project to
become the central repository. Currently, xcb-proto contains
machine-readable XML descriptions of the binary encoding of the X
protocol and extensions. The XML tagset needs to be extended to allow
Docbook annotations to be attached to the protocol elements; we need a
transformer (probably an XSLT stylesheet) that generates full Docbook
documents from the specifications; and finally, of course, people need
to copy all the descriptive text in and validate the binary encoding

Jeremy Kolb and others have written down some thoughts on the protocol
documentation project in the XCB list archives, and if you're interested
in that part I'd invite you to come chat with us about it there:

If the first project is more your style, I hope somebody else will
comment on the work involved (gravity? jg?).

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