trident XP5 & xorg 7.2RC3

Christoph Biedl xorg.gkdq at
Thu Dec 7 13:44:43 PST 2006

harrow wrote...

> Does xorg 7.2RC3 contain patch for

Well, check the sources and see:

> 1. Patch date is 7 Nov 2006
> 2. Change log from *.bz2 for trident video contain 2006-04-07 as last
> update
> 3. *.bz2 file for trident video driver at developer RC3 tree is 3 Nov 2006

The patch in 5775 is /not/ part of 7.2RC3. I admit it was just a quick
hack and I'd really learn how the XP5 behaves on other notebooks than
the ECS 532, especially those with a panel size different from 1024x768
(are there any?). In other words, does XP5 report a wrong panel size or
is this a bug in the sources? Depending on the answer to that question
the override should be configurable, documented and things like that.

> Does xorg RC3 works fine at trident XP5 (ECS 532) ?

No. There also another problem: Video playback is not usable due to a
lot of flicker but perhaps just a tuned xorg.conf could help. I did not
have the time to investigate yet, the ECS 532 I used is not mine.

And by the way, looking at the sources a few lines above:

xf86-video-trident-1.2.3/src/trident_driver.c 2209:

|                 for (i = 0; LCD[i].mode != 0xff; i++) {
|                     if (pTrident->displaySize == LCD[i].display_x)
|                         pTrident->lcdMode = LCD[i].mode;
|                 }
|                 xf86DrvMsg(pScrn->scrnIndex,
|                            X_INFO,"%s Panel %ix%i found\n",
|                            (dsp & 0x80) ? "TFT" :
|                            ((dsp1 & 0x20) ? "DSTN" : "STN"),
|                            LCD[i].display_x,LCD[i].display_y);
                                 ^                ^
/should/ always report a "0x0" panel size and - but I could not test this
since the XP5 did not reach that code.

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