brave newbie vs. xorg-docs

David Nusinow dnusinow at
Thu Dec 7 16:50:59 PST 2006

On Thu, Dec 07, 2006 at 10:59:29AM +0100, Carlo Salinari wrote:
> Hi, I'm new on the list.
> As I understand there has been some discussion about migrating xorg 
> documentation to some new format.
> If some of the developers can give me (coherent) directions about the 
> task, I think I could give it a shot.

Well, I've already gone ahead and converted our old linuxdoc formatted docs
in the xorg-docs package to docbook for the singular reason that they
wouldn't build on any Debian system released in the last three years (maybe
more, I didn't look). Because docbook can be in either sgml or xml format,
and the linuxdoc stuff was already in sgml, I just converted it to docbook
sgml using the sgmltools program and the ld2db backend. What it spits out
is pretty hideous though, so be prepared to do some clean up to make the
markup look sane. There's a few more sgml files that can be put to this
treatment (notably in the server) so feel free to attack those.

As for the other stuff that Jamey mentioned (specifically the specs in the
xorg-docs package) I haven't looked in to exactly what that would entail.
I wouldn't be surprised if there was a *roff -> docbook parser out there
somewhere though. I'd be happy to help more if I can, although I'm no
docbook expert at this point.

 - David Nusinow

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