Kdrive with support for UTF-8

Joaquim Duran joaquinduran at adtelecom.es
Tue Dec 19 23:51:08 PST 2006

Dear all,

My name is Joaquim Duran. I'm a new subscriber to this mail list.

Currently, I'm using kdrive 7.1 for FB with an ARM Xscale embedded
computer. I would like to use the FOX toolkit. This toolkit supports
UTF-8 and UTF-8 couldn't be disabled.

When running applicacions based on FOX, the test is not rendered s
expected: between 2 letters appears a 'strange' character. Currently,
I've been using the internal fonts, with X11 locales installed and
LC_ALL and LANG set to en_US.UTF8.
The result ha not been successfull.

In the mailist archive there are references to UTF-8 but no one
provides the information to enable UTF-8 support to kdrive.

To support UTF-8 with kdrive...
... any special configure parameter is needed?
... any set in parameter file be activated or not?
... Which font conforming to UTF8 could be downloaded from Xorg SVN
(if needed)?
... Any specific library or package is needed to support UTF-8?

Many tanks in advance.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Joaquim Duran

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