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berek kr992 at
Wed Dec 20 10:52:13 PST 2006


 I have some question cause i dont know if i915tex_dri is part of i915_dri and 
is used automaticly or is a stand alone module , cause in xorg.log aiglx 
using (i have debian unstable with 2.6.20-rc1 kernel , glproto, 
drm, xf-video-intel , mesa from git)
im searhing better drivers cause all aplication who use opengl are slowly , 
and took only 15% of cpu (celestia , 3dmark with wine , this not happend on 
other graphic card) , so i think graphic do some interupt and cpu is sleep
maybe this is because i use kernel modules , but with 2.6.20-rc1 i cant 
compile kernel modules from dri git (what i was wrote before) but with 2.6.20 
i didnt get drmWaitVBlank warning, it should be good
i was try change something by driconf , but it nothing did
so i was intrested in that i915tex to try
i was try rename to and run but aiglx fails , and 
glxinfo wrote that needs 1.7.x version but found 1.6.0
im asking for some clue about i915tex

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