OpenGL problems.

Brian Paul brian.paul at
Thu Dec 21 08:11:50 PST 2006

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to run some OpenGL code from Python (
> and I'm getting this error:   
>   libGL warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x5b
>   X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)
>     Major opcode of failed request:  156 (GLX)
>     Minor opcode of failed request:  31 ()
>     Serial number of failed request:  32
>     Current serial number in output stream:  33
> I'm running "X Window System Version 7.1.1" on an Ubuntu Edgy
> ion an Intel 915GM based laptop (Dell Latitude X1).
> Anybody know whats going on here?

I think we fixed a few GLX protocol bugs in past months.  If you can 
try a newer X server and libGL that'd be best.  Then, file a bug report.


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