savage: a fix for respawn crash regression

Mikko Rapeli mikko.rapeli at
Fri Dec 22 13:57:31 PST 2006


The savage driver some time a go started crashing when respawned from
kdm et al. When MapMMIO and MapFB functions were merged to MapMem[1], one 
MapFB call in SavageScreenInit was not replaced with MapMem:;a=commitdiff_plain;h=2f8352df6488476b0c1a46798eca5dd38827444b;hp=6f9abbb972834561cd8494a1d4fb47402b285d7d

Here's a patch which fixes the issue. It works on my Thinkpad T20,
though I don't really understand the details.


--- xserver-xorg-video-savage-2.1.2.orig/src/savage_driver.c
+++ xserver-xorg-video-savage-2.1.2/src/savage_driver.c
@@ -3088,6 +3088,9 @@
+    if (!SavageMapMem(pScrn))
+        return FALSE;
     psav->FBStart2nd = 0;
     if (psav->overlayDepth) {

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