Compile errors for a few drivers against gitcopy of xserver-1.2-branch from the 20th Dec 2006

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> Subject: Re: Compile errors for a few drivers against gitcopy of xserver-1.2-branch from the 20th Dec 2006
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> On Sun, Dec 24, 2006 at 02:57:54PM +0100, Tobias Gerschner wrote:
> > Argh,
> >
> > thanks for that one.
> >
> > Which leads me to an earlier question. There is no way / scheme to
> > determine in git ( right now ) to see , which version will belong to
> > which release? I've looked at the tags and heads in gitweb, but could
> > not find a scheme providing that information. After all you tag the
> > packages AFTER the release. Is there any consensus made in advance? Is
> > there a way to determine whether a package will belong to a certain
> > branch ?
> >
> > I'd happily create a wiki page to put those pieces together. Tough I
> > failed to find those so far.
> No, there's no way to get this from git.  We should probably be a lot
> better about maintaining this stuff in a wiki.  If you start a page and
> seed it, I'll make sure it gets maintained for 7.2 and 7.3 at least.

I started reviewing the wiki in order to avoid suggesting things that
already do exist. So far I really found almost nothing.  If that is so
there may be a little more work for a proper solution included. In
order to suggest it I'd like to get some more questions answered.

Would it be possible for the active and coming RM to include the
intended xorg release version in the announcements of individual
packages? Or is this not possible / feasible due to the total lack of
that particular information? If not, why ?

Who is part of the decision of what is going to be in a release ?
Package Maintainer / Release Manager , ... ?
When is that decision made ? Moreover when may that decision be
corrected and by whom ?


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