Freeze on Siemens Mobile 510 (Neomagic NM2160)

Bjoern Franke bjo at
Tue Dec 26 13:06:55 PST 2006


several years ago I bought a notebook (PII 266, graphics: Neomagic
NM2160, sound: ES1869-chip) and installed debian sarge on it. When I
used X and I also wanted to use the soundcard, the system freezed.
Surprisingly this problem only appeared with Xfree 4.x, with the
svga-xserver from Xfree 3.x sound und graphics worked. 
After upgrading to debian etch, I got xorg 7.x on my notebook and
sound worked while using X.  Then was very happy because I could use
xvideo-apps ;) 
But now, after uprading some packages, the problem is back. 

Any ideas?


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