Starting X changed root on diskless client

Pavel Rubtsov webreader at
Tue Dec 26 22:46:29 PST 2006

Hi All!

I have server for diskless clients with running xdm, waiting for xdmcp
connections. Also on this server i have separate directory for root fs
for diskless clients /netroot.
I boot up diskless client and get console. In this console my root (/)
is root on server (/netroot) and all is OK. When i start X on
diskless client such:
# X -query
its start X-server. I run xterm, do "ls /" and i see root of SERVER!
I think i will see MY root (/netroot) in console or X-env...

Please explain me what happened...

Thanks a lot!

PS: sorry for my eglish...

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