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OK, with latest glitz and Mesa snaps from CVS I was able to run Xgl with much better performance. But I see some problems here, maybe all of them are already know. maybe no.

1. First thing I was unable to start Xgl server with resolution bigger than 1024x768, normaly I work on 1280x1024 but when I try to use it I get only 'No screens found' error. Finaly I use driconf utility and enabl;e 'support larger textures' This makes possible to run Xgl in 1280x1024.

I am a bit soprised because my card has 128MB of memory (Radeon 9000) I wonder is this normal or it's some kind of bug ? 

Anyway I wonder is there any other option worth to enable/disable in driconf to get some boost in speed or/and stability ?

2. Xgl runs only in 24 (32) color depth. When I try to use 16bit (I hoped 16bit would be a bit faster) I get only some ugly looking pink mess on the screen.

3. The speed on 1280x1024 is realy low. At last it's several times faster than my previous try, but still dead slow. Also there is several corruptions for example in gnome-terminal and in Firefox. I wonder also is any of the Radeon driver option can make it faster ? For example EXA or something.

Should I report any of the problems to bugzilla or all of them are already know ?

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