Xgl - Round two

Erlend Simonsen mr at fudgie.org
Thu Feb 16 06:45:01 PST 2006

morgoth6 at box43.pl wrote:
> 3. The speed on 1280x1024 is realy low. At last it's several times faster than my previous try, but still dead slow. Also there is several corruptions for example in gnome-terminal and in Firefox. I wonder also is any of the Radeon driver option can make it faster ? For example EXA or something.
I've successfully run it with EXA, and it was quite usable. Only the 
wobbling was slow. To fix the garbage/corruption in application windows, 
use transset or the opacity plugin and set the transparency to 0.99 or 
anything other than the 1.0 default.


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