debugging XKB?

Rune Petersen rune at
Sun Jun 4 13:47:53 PDT 2006


I can seam to figure out out why it doesn't work since I compiled the 
Xorg again.

I get the warning:
(WW) Couldn't load XKB keymap, falling back to pre-XKB keymap

Then later the error:
(EE) Error loading keymap /xorg7/share/X11/xkb/compiled/server-0.xkm

I know that one reason it fails is that in XkbDDXLoadKeymapByNames():
	keybd->key is NULL
	names->keycodes is NULL
	names->types is NULL
	names->compat is NULL
	names->symbols is NULL
	names->geometry is NULL
	names->keymap is NULL

I don't know why these are NULL.
Is there any easy way to debug this or do I have to crawl through it all?

Rune Petersen

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