Modular building

Rune Petersen rune at
Mon Jun 5 09:28:44 PDT 2006

Russell Shaw wrote:
> Rune Petersen wrote:
>> Russell Shaw wrote:
>>> ./util/modular/ line 27: cd: lib/xtrans: No such file or 
>>> directory
>> You didn't check out everything in lib/. do it.
>> You'll also need libX11 from git
>> git clone git://
>> And change to use it in stead of lib/X11.
>> The build is broken in other places, but it's a start.
> Hi,
> I found that to get rid of a lot of the errors, i had to:
* a diff *
> because i didn't want to compile anything in xorg/apps. Is skipping 
> directories
> like this a supported way of building?
yes if you don't check out all the app's in app.

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