incomplete x11r7.1 tree

J. Hart af804 at
Mon Jun 5 16:09:27 PDT 2006

> I've noticed the X11R7.1 tree on and its mirrrors are incomplete.  In > particular many of the required proto files and some libraries are missing (such > as xproto, bigreqsproto, xtrans etc), and need to be obtained from the X11R7.0 
> tree in order for X to build properly.  

> I understand this isnt particularly a problem for developers and those upgrading > from X11R7.0 as the requirements will be met from the previous install/build, 
> but it is quite a hassle for those building X11R7.1 on its own.

> Is there a reason behind this, or was something just overlooked?

I've noticed this as well.  I have been unable to find out why this is.

I was able to figure out which packages in 7.0 were obsoleted (at least I think I know which ones) so I made a copy of the 7.0 release and replaced the obsoleted packages with their counterparts from the 7.1 partial tree.

I got past the "missing package" warnings I had.  I now get the following error:

ftfuncs.c:57:10: #include expects "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>
ftfuncs.c:59:10: #include expects "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>
ftfuncs.c:60:10: #include expects "FILENAME" or <FILENAME>

It looks like part of their package still uses the internal headers against the FreeType developer's recommendations.  In the most recent FreeType versions, those headers are no longer exposed for external "public" use.

I get the same error when building the full X11R7.0 release.

J. Hart

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