libX11 release?

Russell Shaw rjshaw at
Mon Jun 5 19:38:25 PDT 2006

Daniel Stone wrote:
> Hi,
> libX11 needs a release.  Quite badly, as it turns out, given that the
> old doesn't build with xproto 7.0.6 and above.  Are there any blockers
> to getting a release out?  If the only one is 'time' (that and
> --disable-xcb per default), I can fix both of those.

Anyone compiling from CVS needs to get this and others(?) from git iirc.

Does this mean that anyone maintaining a part of X can pick whatever
revision system they want?

If so, what is the current list of things kept in git that need to be
added to a CVS checkout of X before building?

When i checked out X, i got xorg/lib/X11 from CVS. Can this be deleted
from CVS to minimize confusion? (or else ban git and any other revision
systems different to the designated X revision system)

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