libX11 release?

Jamey Sharp jamey at
Tue Jun 6 14:30:12 PDT 2006

On Mon, Jun 05, 2006 at 11:16:20PM +0300, Daniel Stone wrote:
> libX11 needs a release.  Quite badly, as it turns out, given that the
> old doesn't build with xproto 7.0.6 and above.  Are there any blockers
> to getting a release out?  If the only one is 'time' (that and
> --disable-xcb per default), I can fix both of those.

No, don't set --disable-xcb: release from the stable branch. That's what
it's for. If it needs patches that are currently only on master, they
should be cherry-picked onto stable.

I've put up a clone of the libX11 repository that has all the non-XCB
patches copied over to the stable branch.
Once I discovered that I wanted to use `git-format-patch` and `git-am`
together, it was pretty obvious how to do this. If any of those patches
aren't wanted, a release manager or the module's maintainer or somebody
should redo this process with the right patches. On the other hand, if
that's reasonable then somebody should push my bits onto the official

Possibly the branch should be named after the version it will be
released as, or something, instead of "stable". Folks who care might
want to put together some sort of policy/procedure for this.

Note that I don't plan to keep this repo up after this release happens,
so I'm not looking to show up on gitweb or anything.

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