Building Modular: Floating point exception when running makekeys

Peter Hutterer mailinglists at
Tue Jun 6 17:06:04 PDT 2006

On 07/06/2006, at 5:28 AM, Ashley Hooper wrote:
> (Incidentally, running the xcb-proto 'make' above gave the "nothing  
> to do"
> message for targets 'all' & 'all-am' - not sure if that's important)

no, it does not matter.

> Excuse my ignorance, but what should I be putting for the prefix  
> paths in the
> above and below autogen commands?  The xcb-proto 'make install'  
> copies a bunch
> of files to $prefix/include - I presume it's the same path in all 3  
> locations,
> and that the script is going to expect the resulting files  
> to be
> somewhere in the modular source tree?  I'm guessing the most likely  
> candidate
> is the directory we renamed from libX11 to X11, now sitting at lib/ 
> X11?

the standard prefix on a debian box is /usr, on some other  
distributions it is /usr/local
if you want to keep it completely separate, you can choose any prefix  
(i.e. I use /opt/MPX to keep it in the same directories as my MPX  
binaries). All you tell with the prefix is the location where you  
want to install xcb.

Mind you, Donnie Berkholz pointed out yesterday that you can compile  
libX11 without the XCB dependencies (use the --without-xcb flag),  
which should save you some headache.

> Just out of interest, did the compile complete successfully or is  
> it still
> going? :-)

Yes, it finished :). And all the work was for nothing, xserver is  
switched to git too now.


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