Building Modular: Floating point exception when running makekeys

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at
Wed Jun 7 03:12:01 PDT 2006

* Ashley Hooper <ash_hooper at> schrieb:


> (Incidentally, running the xcb-proto 'make' above gave the "nothing to do"
> message for targets 'all' & 'all-am' - not sure if that's important)

This is because the package (in fact, all -proto packages) does not 
compile anything, just install some files. The only autogenerated file
is xcp-proto.pc (for pkgconfig) which is already created by configure. 
So in the build stage (which is represented by "make all") there's 
really nothing to do.

> Excuse my ignorance, but what should I be putting for the prefix paths in the

/usr/X11 seems to be an traditional prefix. 

You have to add $prefix/lib/pkgconfig to you $PKG_CONFIG_PATH before
running the build, so pkgconfig finds the .pc files. If you like,
you can put it into an wrapper script and define $PKG_CONFIG.

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