[PATCH] fbcmap.c -> xf86 DDX

Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Wed Jun 7 10:24:56 PDT 2006

On Tuesday 06 June 2006 06:58, Enrico Weigelt wrote:
> * Adam Jackson <ajax at nwnk.net> schrieb:
> > I already explained this to you:
> >
> > http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg-modular/2006-May/001083.html
> >
> > fbcmap.c should not be DDX-dependent.  That it is, is a bug, and we're
> > not going to fix it by splitting the file up, because that's the wrong
> > solution. The correct solution is to fix the code to do consistent
> > colormap handling for all DDXes.
> Okay, but when will it be ? Within this century ?

Why does it matter?

> As you already pointed out, these #ifdef's are really smell.
> And I'm gonna clean it up. And I'm doing that now, not in 10 years.
> If you've got the new colormap handling, put in the cirle, but
> please don't try to stop me from doing smaller cleanups, just
> because they are not perfect enough.
> I suggest going in small steps continously instead of spending
> years for trying giant jumps.

Your proposed solution is not an improvement.  It adds new files to the build 
and masks their common origin, which will make it harder for later 
contributors to discover that it's duplicated code.  It's like the child's 
trick of pushing the food around on your plate to make it look like you've 

You're masking a code problem by making the Makefiles look prettier.  This is 
always wrong.  Stop suggesting it.

- ajax
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