Compiling X7.1

Roger roger at
Thu Jun 8 06:28:59 PDT 2006


  I tried compiling R7.1 from sources yesterday, but encountered several 

Downloading sources: link "current" in both and points to "X11R7.0"

Compiling: In R7.1 README (,
there's link to "Modular Developer's Guide" - . Informations on this page
look a bit out-dated (like required packages). I tried
"" script pointed in it -*checkout*/xorg/util/modular/
But it requires some packages, that don't exist in R7.1 ftp directory. I
suppose this is because it's outdated too.

I didn't get any further, because I gave up after this. Is it possible for 
mere mortal like me to succesfully compile R7.1 from sources? Where can I 
find some more info?

Thank you.


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