help needed with X11 cursor and observed behavior

nick lidakis nlidakis at
Thu Jun 8 07:47:40 PDT 2006

I will try to explain the problem (feature?) I have been observing with 
my X11 cursor. Any suggestions with this would be appreciated.

Using Debian Unstable, I have been using the whiteglass cursor theme for 
quite some time. The only thing that has been annoying me of late is 
this: Whenever the whiteglass cursor is inside the Firefox window and 
the applications is performing some action, like loading or reloading a 
page, the whiteglass cursor will revert to the original black X cursor 
until that action is complete. Same thing will happen when using 
Thunderbird; e.g. while deleting messages.

Do I have something mis configured?

I also tried the latest Dapper Drake perceived, which loads with the 
default human cursor theme. After changing to whiteglass (or any other 
the other cursor themes) I notice the exact same behavior with Firefox 
or Thunderbird. This time it reverts to the human theme instead of the 
default black cursor theme.

If I move the cursor to the titlebar or anywhere else, I don't notice 
any issues with the cursor.

BTW, I searched the archives, and nary a mention of this.


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