radeon + DVI via docking station

Stefan Müller Stefan.Mueller at cl.uni-bremen.de
Fri Jun 9 11:05:21 PDT 2006

Alex Deucher wrote:

> If the system crashes that's probably unrelated to the output
> handling.  These are two separate bugs.  Does disabling the DRI make
> the system stable?  how about switching to depth 16?

The system runs okay with the VGA output. The only problem is that this
does not look good, I have shadows and the picture is not as sharp as it
is with DVI.

I do not load DRI, the only suspicious thing I could find in the logs is:

> (WW) RADEON(0): Enabling DRM support
> 	*** Direct rendering support is highly experimental for Radeon 9500
> 	*** and newer cards. The 3d mesa driver is not provided in this tree.
> 	*** A very experimental (and incomplete) version is available from Mesa CVS.
> 	*** Additional information can be found on http://r300.sourceforge.net
> 	*** This message has been last modified on 2005-08-07.

I do not know why this message is there, the xorg.conf does not say
anything about DRM.

If the system runs stable with 24 bit and VGA-output does 16 bit help
with the stability with DVI-output?

> Using radeontool to manipulate the regs and using may patch accomplish
> the same thing.  It doesn't matter which you use.

The advantage of using this would be that I get the DDC information.
Does it help with the stability as well?

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