GLX module, Xlib locale support and XKB keymaps

Constantin Velásquez Guerino cvelasquez.gnu at
Sat Jun 10 13:43:16 PDT 2006

Hello, I want to ask you 3 things:

1) How do I get OpenGL support with Xorg 7.0? I have compiled the
xserver from source tarball with DRI and GLX support (./configure
--enable-dri...) and Mesa 3d (I gave the mesa source path to configure
script at compile time). But I want to use DRI, not Mesa. Anyway, GLX
module did not compile and is not found.

2) How do I add spanish locale support to Xlib? I've compiled with
proper optionsfor NLS, but Xlib seems to not have support for
es_CL-iso8859-1 or any branch of es locale.

3) How do I get xkb keymaps (or compile, I don't know exactly how to
get them)? I have set XkbRules to "xorg", XkbModel to "105" and
XkbLayout to "es_CL", but I don't get the correct keymap.

Please, if tou can help me, I'll really apreciate it. I use Xorg 7.0
installed in /usr/local.

Saludos, Constantin Velásquez.

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