Re : Re : R3XX lockup possible solution

Elie Morisse lachienne at
Sun Jun 25 08:57:11 PDT 2006

Le 25.06.2006 16:30:51, Jerome Glisse a écrit :
> On 6/25/06, Peter Zubaj <pzubaj at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Use primary. Try to comment out every row in r300init.c which contains
> > 0x0000140 (do not comment out already commented rows). This should
> > prevent screen corruption).
> Try also by commenting out up to print S05, i think the initialization might
> be a bit different depending on card thus we might need log of fglrx to
> compare value written on different card.
> best,
> Jerome Glisse

Nope, doesn't help :'(
It still get corrupted after i commented out the 0x00000140 stuff. I localized the nasty lines, though :

	ptr[0x000001F8>>2] = 0x0000011A;
	ptr[0x000001FC>>2] = 0x151557FF;
	ptr[0x000001F8>>2] = 0x0000011C;
	ptr[0x000001FC>>2] = 0x151557FF;
	ptr[0x000001F8>>2] = 0x0000011E;
	ptr[0x000001FC>>2] = 0x151557FF;
	ptr[0x000001F8>>2] = 0x00000120;
	ptr[0x000001FC>>2] = 0x151557FF;

Any of those line couples is responsible of screen corruption here, so i commented them too.. so i stopped X, run r300init, restart X.... so i launched a game... my heart pulsing faster....... lockup after roughly the same time :'(

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