Re : Re : R3XX lockup possible solution

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sun Jun 25 16:00:27 PDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-06-25 at 19:57 +0400, Elie Morisse wrote:

> Nope, doesn't help :'(
> It still get corrupted after i commented out the 0x00000140 stuff. I localized the nasty lines, though :
> 	ptr[0x000001F8>>2] = 0x0000011A;
> 	ptr[0x000001FC>>2] = 0x151557FF;
> 	ptr[0x000001F8>>2] = 0x0000011C;
> 	ptr[0x000001FC>>2] = 0x151557FF;
> 	ptr[0x000001F8>>2] = 0x0000011E;
> 	ptr[0x000001FC>>2] = 0x151557FF;
> 	ptr[0x000001F8>>2] = 0x00000120;
> 	ptr[0x000001FC>>2] = 0x151557FF;
> Any of those line couples is responsible of screen corruption here, so i commented them too.. so i stopped X, run r300init, restart X.... so i launched a game... my heart pulsing faster....... lockup after roughly the same time :'(

Those registers are the configuration of the memory controller. They
should not have to be touched from what the BIOS does. I'm surprised
that fglrx plays with that at all. Like 0x140 (MC_CNTL), their settings
is specific to a given card's memory configuration.


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