X locale fails

Constantin Velásquez Guerino cvelasquez.gnu at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 09:09:57 PDT 2006

Hello, I'm having problems with locales and Xlib. When I start X with
xinit, it tells me that "locale not supported by Xlib, locale set to
C", "X locale modifiers not supported, using default", more than one
time. It too says "Failed to load input method". I don't know why, my
locale is set to "es_CL.iso88591", and it is correctly defined in my
locale.alias file. I tried compiling with and without XLOCALEDIR
environment variable support, even when I don't know what is it. I
think that the problem is the locale.alias and locale.dir file because
they are properly configured but are like two files in each one,
completely the same, except because the first have the syntax "alias
       locale" and the second "alias:        locale". Could that be
the problem? Thanks for your help, Constantin Velásquez.

Saludos, Constantin Velásquez.

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