X locale fails

Frédéric L. W. Meunier lists2006 at pervalidus.net
Sun Jun 25 10:24:05 PDT 2006

On Sun, 25 Jun 2006, Constantin Velásquez Guerino wrote:

> Hello, I'm having problems with locales and Xlib. When I start X with
> xinit, it tells me that "locale not supported by Xlib, locale set to
> C", "X locale modifiers not supported, using default", more than one
> time. It too says "Failed to load input method". I don't know why, my
> locale is set to "es_CL.iso88591", and it is correctly defined in my
> locale.alias file. I tried compiling with and without XLOCALEDIR
> environment variable support, even when I don't know what is it. I
> think that the problem is the locale.alias and locale.dir file because
> they are properly configured but are like two files in each one,
> completely the same, except because the first have the syntax "alias
>      locale" and the second "alias:        locale". Could that be
> the problem? Thanks for your help, Constantin Velásquez.

Did you compile libX11 with --enable-loadable-i18n ? Here I had 
similar problems enabling it. I have no idea why it doesn't 

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