R3XX lockup possible solution

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Sun Jun 25 15:58:13 PDT 2006

> First, I think, you shouldn't touch register 0x140, you write value 0x22
> there. For my card there is 0x2D (this is power on default and is not
> changed by fglrx). When value 0x22 is written there, I have got
> corrupted console and X desktop too.

This is the MC_CNTL register. It contains some configuration of the
card's memeory controller, and it's content is totally specific to a
given card memory configuration (what type of SDRAM's are used, how many
banks and channels, what timings etc...).

I'm very surprised that fglrx touches this at all...


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