r300 DRI locks up...

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 16:22:28 PDT 2006

> I have a dual screen radeon M10, head 1 (DVI) on a Phillips 200W. Heade 2 on a
> small noname 1014x768 analog LCD.
> Running without DRI it all works, except with Google Earth... For that I need
> hardware acceleration.
> So I enable DRI. Make sure drm & radeon modules are loaded, and start X. At
> which point I kiss goodbye my machine as it's power off time (No keyboard &
> dark screen). Reset button is no good, it needs a poweroff... (The PC is
> still running of course, I can ssh into it no problem).
> I'm not sure it's the same as other radeon problems posted... It's a single
> card, and it locks up before starting properly... One thing I notice is that
> the AGP base is off by 5 bytes difference, and a few memory regions are
> different with no DRI...  Not sure if that's significant...
> Hopefully someone can tell me what it's doing wrong...
> I'll attach the xorg.conf, ^ the logs from hanging & non-hanging sessions. The
> only difference with the config is commenting out the DRI loading...

Can you try with the latest CVS ATI driver?


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