i830 raw mode driver

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 20:33:24 PST 2006


Recently as many people know I've been working on an i810 driver that
doesn't require the BIOS to do modesetting, I've gotten this mostly
working on the chipsets I have (i865, i915GM and i945G) and I think it
is as far as I can take it considering

a) I've delivered what my customer required which was CRT and DVI
modesetting on an i915GM.
b) I've no direct access to documentation and I spend a lot of time
going around in circles breaking things on one chipset and then
"fixing" them on another.

I'm just wondering how people feel it should be taken forward, with
respect to merging my code into the official tree?

My code is in a git tree at

and the latest patch vs the point I started developing is at

Now the code is ugly in a lot of places, using multiple pipes isn't
going to work at all,  the relation between output and pipes isn't
existing too well, the raw pll calculations may not always give a
valid value (the i9xx ones just pissed me off too much in the end, I
cannot get the p1/p2 relationship straight - someone with docs

The SDVO code is designed to only talk to one type of SDVO chip, the
Chrontel, again I implemented as much of the sDVO protocol as I could
reverse engineer in the time I had, a lot of it is guesswork and I
apologies for some of the ugly looking crap in PreSetMode.

All my code is controlled by an Option in the xorg.conf so it can be
switched off quite easily.


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