accessing CVS or GIT with ssh failed for me

Amir Bukhari amir.bukhari at
Wed Nov 1 15:03:59 PST 2006

all the time I have used eclipse CVS support to handle xserver sources. we
in LG3D have not moved to GIT now, but we plan this soon.
with eclipse i can connect to using eclipse extssh
method. it ask me only for "Enter passphrase for key
'/home/bukhari/.ssh/id_dsa'" and this work.
now when I try by using normal cvs command or try use git clone I got
allways this message at  the end:
Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).
fatal: unexpected EOF
fetch-pack from 'git+ssh://'

first ssh ask for passphrase, but it ask 3 times, then ask for passowrd!!!!
and then failed

I still can access CVS using eclipse extssh method. it means that my id_dsa
is correct.

did someone know the reason?

it maybe in the ssh server version on the xorg is not compatible with ssh on
my system!!

my ssh version is:
OpenSSH_4.3p2 Debian-5, OpenSSL 0.9.8c 05 Sep 2006
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