vehemens vehemens at
Wed Nov 1 20:55:07 PST 2006

I'm attempting to run 7.2 RC1 on my freebsd (10/26/06 current snap shot), with
a MESA 10/29/06 snap shot, and an ATI RV250, but I'm having problems
with AIGLX and DRI.  In particular, there appears to be a number of missing
DRI locks.

To stop it from hanging at startup, I added a dri lock to the dri.c function
DRIWindowExposures; as well as disabling drm locking tests in radeon_cp.c for
functions radeon_cp_idle, radeon_engine_reset, radeon_cp_buffers, as well as
radeon_state.c function radeon_cp_indirect.  Yes I know it isn't pretty, but
it better then a system hang.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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