HD with Xvideo on i915GM (i810 driver)

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 02:58:57 PST 2006

On 10/23/06, Alan Hourihane <alanh at fairlite.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-10-23 at 09:03 -0400, Ken Mandelberg wrote:
> > Alan Hourihane wrote:
> >
> > > modesetting doesn't have the fixes, but in i830_video.c you have to bump
> > > the MAX_HEIGHT to at least 1088.
> > >
> >
> > Yes, I figured that out, It also requires upping "Option 'LinearAlloc"
> > "integer' above 6144.
> >
> > I increased it a bit liberally, but would be interested in the 1920x1080
> > calculation of 6144 to see how to compute the correct value for 1088.
> I can't remember how that was derived, but it should be 1920*1088*2 for
> the frame, and then *2 again because it's double buffered, making 8160.
> I'll update the manpage.
> Alan.
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Just doing a quick search before I throw down a couple hundred bucks :)

To recap:

The 915GM chipset is capable of displaying full resolution HDTV
(1080i) using hardware acceleration (so a 1.5Ghz Pentium M should
suffice) using the latest and greatest driver from git (running
Gentoo)?  The board I'm looking at:
Has Svideo, Composite and Component (as well as VGA) included with it,
an added bonus I can pick up:
To add DVI as well.  I'm hoping to be able to output HDTV over any of
those interfaces (though I definitely understand that Composite/S-Vid
isn't capable of displaying HDTV, but hoping that the hardware will
simply down res without any user interaction) using MythTV as well as
Xine and/or Mplayer.

So, is this a pipe dream, or should this work?

Any info is much appreciated!



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